Women are people too

Hello Internet Friends,

Color me silly but I believe women are also people. This thing that has kept bothering me is all of this Donald Trump touching women inappropriately. I don’t like hearing it. This is what gets me all riled up. No one is talking about this anymore. It’s Russia and Mueller and arguing and racism. Yes sir, those are important things, but the Republican Party – at least when I called myself a Republican proudly – was the Party of Family values and of Jesus Christ, our Lord Savior.

Now what the heck would Jesus say if he saw the kind of life that Donald Trump is living and saying?

Oh my goodness, no sir. This is terrible. A few weeks ago reading that poor girl’s account of President Trump touching her inappropriately. That is terrible. I can’t stop thinking about what her and all those other poor women went through. Why do people pretend it isn’t a bad thing? I remember we were all upset when President Clinton had inappropriate relations with that intern. Why aren’t we holding President Trump to the same standards, ESPECIALLY since this disgusting fellow says things that he likes to grab beautiful women by the *****.

I’ll tell you what Jesus Christ would say to that: He’d wash that man’s mouth out with soap!

This Jeffrey Epstein business, don’t even get me started. I don’t give a hoot who it is associating with this man. If anyone is guilty, they should also be punished. I don’t care if they’re Republican, Democrat, no party. If someone also touched children, they should be in jail. PERIOD! These girls are CHILDREN! Why are people calling it inappropriate relations with underage women. THEY ARE CHILDREN.

My goodness. I don’t know what is happening anymore. I think we all need to pray more for each other and hold everyone accountable for their actions regardless of who they are. Be good to people.

God Bless,


One thought on “Women are people too”

  1. Hello Chet. Thank you! We may not agree on other things but I do agree with you on touching someone with out their permission. As some one who was abused and touched with out giving consent I can attest to the harm and hurt it causes. To have the actions of people in power given a pass due to their position is not OK, it troubles me deeply. I have waited for almost three years for the party of family values to address the issue and they have not done so, instead praising a person who admitted doing so on an open mic, and even bragging of being able to walk in on undressed minor females. The fact that that can be given a pass in our world today when we know what sexual abuse of minors can cause is unthinkable. How can I look at their family values statements the same every again, or even in the past. Hugs


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