Humans Are People

Hi Internet friends,

SOrry for being away. I got too angry and Randy suggested I ignore the news for a while. I reckon I did an all right job at that, my dog Larry and I went outside most every day. He chased rabbits and such and I did my darndest to place my focus on the people around me, which I suppose leads me back to you Internet void.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I live out in West Texas. Most of us are conservatives. Many still call themselves Republican. I don’t any more. It’s not the party I grew up with because it’s not a party of Jesus and family values any more. I can’t support people who put party over family and God and country. I can’t support people who don’t respect the sacredness of human life.

We need to start calling these detention centers what they are — concentration camps. They are a concentration of people in a small space where they aren’t given water or soap. It don’t matter if they’re here illegally or legally or whether they commited crimes or whether they’re innocent. They are HUMAN LIVES and we need to make sure they can stay alive while they are detained.

Now, I don’t know what I think about that. They came illegally, so they shouldn’t come in, but Lord, they’re here and we need to treat their lives with respect. Especially those little kids. They didn’t choose to come here but here they are. Jesus says we need to take care of thy neighbor. He don’t say it, but we especially need to take care of our kids. We don’t know what made them come here, but it must be pretty dang bad if they’re coming here if they know they could end up being locked up, you know?

Hearing about these kids that don’t have access to water and soap really makes me angry and sad at these politicians. They need to stop caring about lining their pockets with money and remember that Jesus said to love everybody and treat them with respect.

Shut down the concentration camps. It’s not right.

God bless.

– Chet

One thought on “Humans Are People”

  1. Hello Chet. I agree the Republican party as it was is dead. It is the party of tRump. Or as I call it the cult of tRump. I think anyone still calling themselves Republican either doesn’t understand the depth of the change in those that were in the past Republican, or they prefer the party as it is now. Either way if they do not support the policies of this administration they are no longer Republicans.
    Crossing the border is / was not a criminal crime. It is a civil infraction. The way of handling crossing the border was to evaluate if the person was a risk, and set a hearing date, then releasing them to come to the hearings. Most did. The DOJ website has a return rate for hearings at 91 percent. Most of those coming are trying to turn themselves in and they want to be a part of the country, so they show up. However this administration called that catch and release and decided that everyone crossing the border illegally would be held. That caused the problems we have now with both the rising adult and child detentions. The House has just pass a 4.5 billion funding to help staff and improve care for these people but the Republicans hate it because it has conditions for spending the money and legally prevents the monies from being taken by the administration for things not appropriated for.
    The important thing to realize is the conditions at these facilities are deliberate. They are trying to make it so miserable these people will volunteer to be deported back to what they came from. Republicans in congress have said this, and the administration has admitted it. They call it a deterrent effect. What they fail to realize is these people asking for asylum are fleeing for their lives or the lives of their children. Most have seen their other children and family members killed / tortured already. Think of what it would take for you to leave all you own, your home, car, everything and take your family on a two – three thousand mile walk to go to a place where you will be mistreated but it is still better than where you came from. I read of a trans woman who got here and begged to say claiming she had barely escaped from being killed. They sent her back. She was found dead. She had been tortured and repeatedly raped. These people are not coming here for the money, for the fun, for the happy times, they are coming because it is the last chance for them. We are only adding more misery to an already miserable situation. Thanks for being a caring person. Hugs


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