First blog post by Chet Powers

This is the post excerpt.

This is Chet Powers. My son, Randy set this up because he got tired of listening to me talk about politics to him. It don’t interest him much unfortunately.

Well Randy told me to write a bit about myself first before I start rambling about politics. My name is Chet Powers like I said. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, trying my best to live in Christ’s example. I love my country and my family and I sure hate what’s happening to it all right now.

I am a conservative, which is why Randy and I named this Conservative Power Talk. I don’t know if I am a Republican any more.

Gosh, that was hard to write. I used to believe that the Republican party embodied traditional AMERICAN CHRISTIAN values, but now I ain’t too sure of that. Randy says that I can post things on here and it would be a good place to help people like me see that there are good Christian people still in the United States who believe in good conservative values that aren’t tied to a party that seems to not give a damn no more. Excuse my language, I get real worked up about this.

Well I’ll write more later. God Bless.

– Chet

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